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Darcy's News & Happenings

  • Blogging at RT BOOKreviews Blog about Haevyn's life in Quentopolis.
  • Silver took 3rd Place in the Best Bisexual/Transgender Romance & Erotic Romance Category of the 2011 Rainbow Awards.
  • Silver received an honorable mention in the Best Bisexual/Transgender Novel/Book Category of the 2011 Rainbow Awards.


Silver Review

For someone who reads so widely it was refreshing to see a book that combines my love of mm and mf, mfm in such [a] unique way. ... I have to give this book 4 stars for such an interesting storyline and one that successfully presents a character who's past mistakes have made her a toy in an interesting political game. Who knew spying could be sexy! --Queen Bee, Booked Up Reviews

Silver Review

...Silver is a story that is riveting and at times disturbing, yet utterly fascinating. It melds gender and erotica together in one sensual story. ... To say I was riveted by this story is an understatement. I marveled at the world that Ms. Abriel has created. ... It is hard to adequately find the words to describe the world and the characters that inhabit the world of Silver, and equally difficult to explain the characters and story line without revealing too much that needs to be read and digested and mulled over by the reader themselves. This is a great start to a new series and Darcy Abriel is definitely an up and coming author to take note of! --- --Sabine,

Silver Review

...I had a love/hate feeling while reading Silver (first book of Humanotica series) book.... It was different and very unique from any book I'd ever read...I loved Silver's voice and mind... Overall, I highly recommend readers to give this book a chance... --Sean, Hearts On Fire Reviews

Silver Review

Every once in a while (if you're lucky), you come across that one book that so absolutely amazes and delights you that it makes you want to run through the streets, singing its praises to the world. The kind of book that's constantly on your mind, playing with your emotions, and demanding that you find a few more minutes to savour it -- because just 'reading' it is never enough. For me, Darcy Abriel's Silver (Book 1 of the Humanotica series) is that book... --Sally, Bibrary Reviews

Silver Review

..The sex scenes were inventive and carefully written so as to bring out emotion. It wasn't mindless. They were also very very hot. The science fiction concepts in regard to the sex was also interesting and gave it even more depth... --blackenedvoodooreviews

Silver Review

...The science fiction parts of this story were fascinating. I found the decadent, fallen-empire politics very reminiscent of the darker parts of Star Wars, and the Roman Empire during the excesses of some of really bad Emperors. The sexual politics and cybernetic control that Entreus is both using and fighting are really wild. --Marlene, Book Lovers, Inc.

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