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Researching leads to lists of all kinds.


Darcy's Phobia Page


If anyone can add to, disagrees with, or would comment on this phobia list, feel free to email me.



Unreasoning fear of a particular thing. A noun designating individuals with an unreasoning fear. The word may also be formed with the suffix "-phone." Such as "carnophobe." Meaning someone who fears meat.


A more extensive phobia (alphabetical) list can be found here:


The Phobia List

Phobia Quick Index

Animal and Plant Life Phobias

Environmental (green) Phobias

Food and Drink Phobias

Health, Physiological, and Anatomical Phobias

Miscellaneous (including elemental) Phobias

Group Phobias

Sensory Phobias

Situational Phobias

Travel Phobias

Animal and Plant Life Phobias:

zoophobia - fear of animals

bacteriophobia, microphobia - fear of bacteria

apiphobia, melissophobia - fear of bees

ornithophobia - fear of birds

ailurophobia, gatophobia - fear of cats

alektorophobia - fear of chickens

cynophobia - fear of dogs

pteronophobia - fear of feathers

ichthyophobia - fear of fish

anthophobia - fear of flowers

doraphobia - fear of fur

hipphobia - fear of horses

entomophobia - fear of insects

phyllophobia - fear of leaves

pediculophobia - fear of lice

musophobia - fear of mice

bacilliphobia - fear of microbes

parasitophobia - fear of parasites

batrachophobia - fear of reptiles

ophidiophobia, ophiophobia - fear of snakes

arachnophobia - fear of spiders

dendrophobia - fear of treas

helminthophobia - fear of worms

Environmental (green) Phobias:

auroraphobia - fear of auroral lighs

nephophobia - fear of clouds

hygrophobia - fear of dampness, moisture

homichlophobia - fear of fog

cryophobia - fear of ice and/or frost

limnophobia - fear of lakes

astraphobia - fear of lightning

meteorophobia - fear of meteors

cremnophobia - fear of precipices

ombrophobia - fear of rain

potamophobia - fear of rivers

thalassophobia - fear of the sea

chionophobia - fear of snow

siderophobia - fear of stars

heliophobia - fear of the sun

brontophobia, keraunophobia - fear of thunder

hydrophobia - fear of water

ancraophobia - fear of wind

Food and Drink Phobias:

potophobia - alcohol

dipsophobia - drinking

phagophobia - eating

sitophobia - food

carnophobia - meat

Health, Physiological, and Anatomical Phobias:

pogonophobia - beards

hematophobia - blood

cancerophobia (also carcinophobia) - cancer

tocophobia - childbirth

cholerophobia - cholera

necrophobia - death and corpses

dysmorphophobia - deformity

nosophobia (see also pathophobia) - disease

pharmacophobia - drugs

ommatophobia - eyes

coprophobia - feces

chaetophobia - hair

cardiophobia - heart conditions

patroiophobia - heredity

nosemahobia - illness

mysophobia - infection

trypanophobia - innoculations and/or injections

lyssophobia (see also maniaphobia) - insanity

genuphobia - knees

leprophobia - leprosy

psychophobia - mind

erotophobia - physical love

toxiphobia - poison

genophobia - sex

coitophobia - sexual intercourse

dermatophobia - skin

dermatosiophobia - skin disease

ergasiophobia - surgical operations

syphilophobia - sythilis

odontophobia - teeth

tuberculosis - phthisiopobia

cypridophobia - venereal disease

emetophobia - vomiting

traumatophobia - wounds and/or injury

Miscellaneous (including elemental) Phobias:

onomatophobia - certain specific names

nyctophobia - darkness

eosophobia - dawn

phengophobia - daylight

bathophobia - depths

mysophobia - dirt

ataxiophobia - disorder

anemophobia - drafts

oneirophobia - dreams

amathophobia (see als, koniphobia) - dust

electrophobia - electricity

pantophobia - everything

keraunothnetophobia - fall of a manmade satellite

phobophobia - fears

pyrophobia - fire

mastigophobia - flogging

eleutherophobia - freedom

phasmophobia - ghosts

taphophobia - graves

barophobia - gravity

ideophobia - ideas

atelophobia - imperfection

zelophobia - jealousy

dikephobia - justice

gamophobia - marriage

teratophobia - monsters and monstrosities

musicophobia - music

nomatophobia - names

anginaphobia - narrowness

paralipophobia - neglect of dty

neophobia - new things

achluophobia - night and darkness

cainophobia - novelty

gymnophobia - nudity

triskaidekaphobia (see also terdekaphobia) - number 13

monophobia - one thing

peniaphobia - poverty

katagelophobia - ridicule

atephobia - ruin

hormephobia - shock

kleptophobia - stealing

eremophobia - stillness

photophobia - strong light

asthenophobia - weakness

logophobia - words

ergophobia - work

graphophobia - writing

Group Phobias:

pedoiphobia - children

anthropophobia - human beings

androphobia - men

harpaxophobia - robbers

gynophobia - women

parthenophobia - young girls

Religion Phobias:

ecclesiaphobia - churches

demonophobia - demons

theophobia - God

uranophobia - heaven

hadephobia (see also stygiophobia) - hell

hierophobia - sacred things

Satanophobia - Satan

peccatophobia - sinning

Sensory Phobias:

frigophobia - being cold

automysophobia - being dirty

amychophobia - being scratched

ereuthophobia (see also) eyrythrophobia) - blushing

osphresiophobia - body odors

chromatophobia (see also chromophobia) - color

kopophobia - fatigue

thermophobia - heat

acarophobia (see also scabiophobia) - itching

phonophobia - noise

osmophobia - odors

algophobia (see also odynophobia) - pain

hedonophobia - pleasure

hypnophobia - sleep

olfactophobia - smell

akousticopobia - sound

lalophobia - speech

acerophobia - sourness

kyphophobia - stooping

geumatophobia - taste

phronemophobia - thinking

haptophobia - touch

tremophobia - trembling

Situational Phobias:

monophobia (see also autophobia) - being alone

rhabdophobia - being beaten

merinthophobia - being bound

tophephobia - being buried alive

scopophobia - being looked at

demophobia (see also ochlophobia) - crowds

claustrophobia - enclosed places

clinophobia - going to bed

acrophobia (see also altophobia) - heights

hypsophobia - high places

domatophobia (see also oikophobia) - home

apeirophobia - infinity

agoraphobia - open spaces

scholionophobia - school

sciophobia - shadows

stasophobia - standing

eremitophobia (see also eremophobia) - solitude

Travel Phobias:

gephyrophobia - crossing a bridge

dromophobia - crossing streets

kinesophobia (see also kinetophobia) - motion

cymophobia - sea swell

tachophobia - speed

siderodromophobia - traveling by train

basiphobia - walking


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