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  • Blogging at RT BOOKreviews Blog about Haevyn's life in Quentopolis.
  • Silver took 3rd Place in the Best Bisexual/Transgender Romance & Erotic Romance Category of the 2011 Rainbow Awards.
  • Silver received an honorable mention in the Best Bisexual/Transgender Novel/Book Category of the 2011 Rainbow Awards.


Eternity Review

...This book smolders like a poppy scented briquette from Hades. ...Darcy Abriel cleaves to old school vampire weaknesses, debauchery and habits. It works. ... The sex is without limits... In some cases, you'd be well advised to have an iron clad constitution because for those preferring their vampires softer with all the romantic trappings, look elsewhere. ----Patrice F.,

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In the end he begged to serve the demonic vampire who made him. Maximilian Wolffe was unwillingly turned vampire in 1570. A brutal master should always beware of what he creates.


He claimed her as his servitess. In 1872 Venice, Max and Claudio hunt the streets of Venice. What Max finds is not what he expects--a woman to equal his passion. He claims her and then one day, abandons her. To save her.


Today, in the modern world. The memory of his vampiress may be the only thing that saves him from the beast within. And now he's back to claim what is his.


Max and Lena lay indolently on the settee in the drawing room of the palazzo. Claudio and Werner lounged on the floor. Werner was splayed across Claudio, busily sucking the vampire's cock. The deep-throated sounds of pleasure emanated from his throat as he enthusiastically licked his way along the rigid column, then buried it deep in his mouth.

Claudio leaned up on his elbows. Balancing on one arm, with the other he picked up his etched crystal glass goblet filled with wine laced with Werner's blood. Werner's bald pate seemed such a shock after seeing him with short brown hair for so long, although it had started to gray in recent years. He looked quite exotic without a speck of hair on his body now. And it made him a bit more ageless somehow.

Even after seventeen years as a vampiress, Lena still found it difficult to remember her own agelessness. Especially since she couldn't see her own reflection in a mirror. In many respects seventeen years was such a short span of time in the vampire world. Max and Claudio had spent centuries as vampires. She was but a fledgling.

"When I first acquired him, I thought he would be harder to train to such thoroughness. Not all of them take to cock-sucking as well as this one. The baron has taken to his position in our household with definite enthusiasm." "I would not be surprised if he had a deep-rooted desire for it long before you tamed him, Claudio." Lena set aside the copy of John Ruskin's The Stones of Venice, on the architecture of Venice, which she had been perusing. She had been particularly entranced by the detailed chapter on the tombs.

"Werner never did seem all that excited when he was with me. In your service, Claudio, I believe he is in his element."

Max leaned over and kissed her. "I fail to see how any man would not be taken by your charms, Lena." He drew her across his lap.

She reached back and undid the tie, releasing his long locks and threading her fingers through them. "Not all men enjoy a woman who does not fall into line with their idea of feminine fragility." She looked down at Werner, whose head was bobbing up and down over Claudio's cock. "Especially one who prefers only men."

"Well, you certainly are not one to follow orders."

"I follow your orders, Max."

"But you don't listen to me," Claudio said, just as he climaxed, his eyelids closing, arching up into Werner's mouth. "Ahh, belissimo."

Werner pulled back on his heels to look at Claudio, a worshipful look in his eyes, even if they were a bit glazed as well. The age lines weren't as evident in the candlelight. There were times when Lena could almost believe Werner was still a young man of thirty. Of course, his body was lean and tight now, where when she first met the baron, he'd been a man bent on a life of idleness. That had changed quickly beneath Claudio's determined tutelage. How dutiful and attentive he was now.

"More, maestro?"

Claudio handed him the glass of wine and Werner drank it down in one long gulp, then licked his lips.

"Now your neck, Werner. Present your neck for my feeding." Claudio pulled himself up into the chair behind him. Werner straddled Claudio's lap and tilted his head to the side like an obedient puppy. Claudio licked across the flesh and then sank his fangs into the man's neck. Werner's eyelids fluttered closed as Claudio drank deeply for one long minute and then released him. Werner flopped back across the arm of the chair in a dead faint.

"Do you ever plan to turn him?" Lena asked. Not that she really cared what happened to her husband in name only. It was more strictly mild curiosity. Then she turned her attention to Max; leaning forward she stroked her tongue slowly along the fat vein in his neck.

"I doubt it. He hasn't the same survival instincts that you have, my dear. I think he would make a poor vampire. I would always be cleaning up after his messes. But he makes an extremely good slave." Claudio looked down at the unconscious Werner, stroking a hand over his chest and down to his flaccid prick.

"Do you ever let him have an erection? I don't think I've seen his prick hard since you made him your servitor."

Claudio caressed the soft flesh and then cupped Werner's testicles. "When it amuses me. His desires have certainly changed since we met. He's a man who enjoys serving. These days it takes little to control his thoughts. He attends me willingly. More amenable each day." He reached up to stroke Werner's smooth bald head.

"Do you like the look? The depilation was easily accomplished. I like the smooth texture of his skin now, though I wasn't certain if I would. And it will be cooler for him in the new outfit I've designed for him."

"It's odd to me, but I'm getting used to it," Lena said. "It's strange to see him like this. I never thought of him as a powerful man when we were engaged, but I didn't think he would be so totally submissive. He was such a bastard, so condescending, before you came along."

"You'd be surprised at what a person can hide beneath a buffoon's exterior." Claudio petted Werner's shaved chest. "But I sensed it about him. He was crying out to serve. How could I resist? And I haven't been mistaken." He looked over and grinned at Lena. "It appears I've saved you from a fate worse than death."