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  • Blogging at RT BOOKreviews Blog about Haevyn's life in Quentopolis.
  • Silver took 3rd Place in the Best Bisexual/Transgender Romance & Erotic Romance Category of the 2011 Rainbow Awards.
  • Silver received an honorable mention in the Best Bisexual/Transgender Novel/Book Category of the 2011 Rainbow Awards.


Deadeye Review

Deadeye is a wildly inventive, darkly erotic tale that's not afraid to take liberties with transplanting elements of classical mythology to the old West... Initially, you can't help but want to distance yourself from the danger, but the strength of the characters draws you in. By the end you can't help but feel guilty for enjoying it... ----Sally Reviewer, Queer Magazine

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Vitus, a lusty Roman soldier, and Caecilia, an innocent handmaiden to Diana, first discovered love and passion on the banks of the Tiber in ancient Rome. But falling in love with the handmaiden of a goddess without permission brings the wrath of the goddess down on both their heads. And retribution is not pleasant nor short-lived. In order to protect each other Vitus agrees to serve Apollo and Caecilia is sent to the courts of the lustful Aphrodite and thrust into the arms of a satyr for tutoring in the erotic arts. It's centuries before these two lovers meet again.

Now in the 1880's old west Caecilia, an experienced immortal courtesan, has been sent to the Infernia dominion, and specifically to a town called Deadeye, to retrieve the son of the Nacraecian Dreamweaver Sorceress, who was fathered by the dark lord, Zevodious. Justus has been with his demon father since his birth. He is an incubus that must have the demon energy purged from him and Aphrodite has sent Caecilia to see the dark energy exorcised,so that he may embrace his dreamweaver destiny. A task only to be accomplished through the act of lusty fornication. But Zevodious has one demand that must be met before he will release Justus. Return to him Vitus, the Roman soldier who was once his slave, only escaping the deviant lusts of the dark lord, with acute cunning. Possessing demon powers now, Vitus has been ordered by Apollo to return to Zevodious. In Deadeye, Vitus and Caecilia are reunited. Once again Vitus will be challenged by the darkness that has become a part of his soul. Caecilia will be tempted by another. Will Vitus escape Zevodious again? Or in the end will Caecilia, the woman he's loved through eternity, end up sacrified as well? Vitus would do anything to protect Caecilia, but will his willing submission to Zevodious actually save her?

And then there's Justus, with the demeanor of an angel and the soul of a demon whose destiny lies in another direction. He must claim Caecilia for himself in order to be purged of the darkness that claims his soul.

Vitus, Caecilia, and Justus. Intertwined fates. Lust and sacrifice, passion and purpose, a demon's demand, a demon's desire--will they escape or be forever enslaved? Will love triumph? Or will it be a demon's powerful dark and all-consuming lust that claims them all?


"Have you fucked him already?"

Caecilia shook her head. "No, not yet."

"So I am to watch? To stand as silent witness to the act?"

"Vitus, we must make of this what we can. For now, we are together. There may yet be a way to gain some small moment for ourselves."

"And yet not."

"Agreed. And not. Let us stay as close as we shall ever be allowed. Let us make the most of it as I know it will be all too brief. I needed you here before I begin to know him. I've heard of the incubus power. If anything can save me from succumbing to his power completely, it will be your presence here. You're the only thing that has a chance of keeping me from losing myself with the demon," she said softly, more to herself, as if trying to convince herself she could have protection from demon glamour.

Vitus didn't speak. For a long time the only sound in the room was the splashing water as Vitus washed himself clean. He rose from the tub, water sluicing down over his delicious body, and Caecilia almost lost the ability to breathe. He stepped from the tub, balls swinging, cock still thick, his body flushed from the heat of the water. He reached for a white towel and wrapped it around his hips.

"Would you hand me my saddlebags? Clean clothes and a bed would come in handy about now."

Caecilia patted the spot on the bed next to her. "You may sleep here." "I don't think so," he said as he unbuckled his saddlebags, rummaged inside and pulled out a clean linen shirt and a pair of fresh jeans.

"Very well, if you insist. The room next door is made up for you."

He finished dressing, retrieved his guns, picked up his saddlebags, and then turned back to look at her. "We'll talk tomorrow."

"Of course." She forced a smile to her lips. "You'll beat him, Vitus. I know you will."

He nodded before he turned toward the door. He hesitated.

"Caecilia, I don't want to make this any harder than it already is. This just makes everything too tempting."

"I miss you, Vitus," she said softly.

"Good night, Caecilia." He exited out the door, shutting it firmly behind him, a statement of finality.

She knew there would be no rest for her. She stared at the door. It opened once again and her heart thundered. But it slowed when she saw who it was.

"Justus. Your act is over I presume?"

He again wore the low-slung black leather pants. His hair was shiny and wet as though he'd just come from a bath. No shirt, no shoes. The large bulge at the front of his pants spoke of the perpetual hard-on the demon maintained.

"He's arrived, and I think it's time, Caecilia. Time to begin�to get to know one another."

"We'll have that time soon enough. Once we've left Deadeye."

"It'll go much easier if we get to know each other first. I'm likely to be more easily�persuaded to release the demon. Besides, if you can't hold up to one session here, how are you going to exorcise me out there?"

"So you want to test my�fortitude?"

"You might say that. I don't exactly trust much in the word of the gods. Maybe we'll need to summon help from Aphrodite."

It was a challenge to her expertise. She studied him for long moments. She sensed a trick at hand. She sensed his demon glamour for the moment held at bay, but just barely.

She wanted Vitus. She wanted him so much it hurt. And she knew there was only one way to help ease the ever-present ache. After all, this is what she had been bid to do. Perhaps she flirted too closely to the fire, as she'd done with Vitus. She was bound to get burned, but somehow she couldn't help herself.

"Blow out the light, Justus, and come to bed." It was necessary to understand Justus's nature; it was the only way to ferret out his weaknesses.

He sauntered toward her. "I expect you always fuck in the dark so you can pretend. I think we'll leave it lit. I want to be certain you know who's fucking you, whose cock is inside you when I make you come. Again and again and again."